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Jacksonville Towing Company is committed to providing each customer with exceptional customer service. We focus on three areas of outstanding towing service in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas.

  1. We will answer your call for towing service in JacksonvilleSometimes we are on the other line with customer and if we’re not able to answer your phone calls we promise that we’re giving you a call back right away. We understand how you feel when you got stuck on the roadside it is very stressful and inconvenient. That last thing you can do is to call Jacksonville Towing Company. That’s why we are always committed to answer your phone calls or get back to you.
  2. We will provide you with affordable towing service in JacksonvilleIt is unhappy when people take advantage of you in your most difficult time. You don’t need to worry. We promise that we are being fair. We give you the most affordable towing company. We understand that are lot of towing company but we are happy if you choose us. It is a privilege for us if you choose us and we promise to give you extraordinary service and give you most affordable service
  3. We will respond quickly to your towing service needWe make sure that our customer will not wait for too long that’s why we are responding to your phone calls as soon as we here our phone ringing.  Once we receive your call we’ll be right there as soon as possible to assist you.

Distractions while you are driving can be very dangerous. We can’t stress enough how important it is to pay full attention to driving while your vehicle is in motion.

5 Seconds = 290 Feet

At 40 MPH you are traveling more than 58 feet per second. So if you look at a text for just 5 seconds, your vehicle has traveled more than 290 feet. Imagine what can happen in that 5 seconds and 290 feet. Cars may have stopped, a child may have walked into the road, and when you look up it is too late to stop.

In 2014 The Florida DMV made it a secondary offense to text while driving. Specifically operating a motor vehicle in motion while manually typing into a wireless communications device as a secondary offense.

 This means that you can receive additional points if you are caught texting. Here is a summary of the points related to texting while driving.


Points on your License for Texting

  • No points for first offense
  • Two points are added to primary offense (e.g.speeding) if texting occurred in a school zone
  • Six points are added if the texting offense resulted in a crash

This means that you can rack up a lot of points in one incident. Enough that you are one mistake away from losing your license.

Teens Texting

But the points should be a secondary concern. Texting while driving is extremely dangerous. A study by the University of Michigan Transportation Research institute concluded that 25 percent of teens respond to a text message once or more every time they drive. 

Don’t text and drive, ever.